If you are looking to buy new tires, you should definitely drop by a Ford dealership to avail the best deals. Here are the advantages of purchasing tires from a Ford dealership.

Variety of brands

Almost every Ford dealership offers a wide range of brands to choose from. Several Ford dealerships stock superior products, such as those from 



Kelly tires






General Tire








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Production of the 2021 Ford Bronco is already underway. The crossover jeep is one of the most anticipated car releases in recent history. Bronco has been out of production for the last two decades. It is only now that Ford has decided to revive the model, in hopes of it giving a good fight to the Jeep Wranglers market.

The Jeep Wrangler is the vehicle ruling the 4x4 off-roading pickup truck segment for quite some time now. So, lets try to understand how the 2021 Ford Bronco could threaten the supremacy...continue reading

The Ford MachE was unveiled to the public late last year. As soon as the people got to see the vehicle for the first time, comparisons with Teslas Model Y had begun. Why? Because, both the Ford Mustang MachE and the Tesla Model Y are electric crossovers with crossover shape, starting price, release year and mile range in common.

The Mustang Name Adds History

Ford has made a well thought out decision by prefixing the Mustang name to an electric crossover model. The reason being, gas-powered cars will...continue reading

Rejoice, truck lovers! After eight long years of a hiatus, Ford is returning to the US market with its competitive Ford Ranger. The mid-size pickup truck is a fantastic choice for your daily drive or some adventure on the beaten rugged road. The 2019 Ford Ranger is made to handle all tasks, but the question that remains to be answered is, "Is the 2019 Ford Ranger worth buying?"

We have compiled the top 5 reasons that make a compelling case in favor of the 2019 Ford Ranger:

#1: Equipped with impressive...continue reading

The 2020 Ford Explorer is designed to be strikingly bold. Coming in a range of models such as XLT, Limited, ST and Platinum, the new vehicle hosts improved features and capability that offer nothing short of the best. 

The robust Explorer enables you to maximize your fun and adventure, regardless of whether you are driving in the city or in the wilderness. If you are based in Huntington, NY, and looking to buy a new adventure SUV this year, the 2020 Ford Explorer can be a great choice.

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