The Legend Continues: All-New Ford Bronco!

Ford stopped the production of this beloved SUV back in 1996. However, with its announcement of the return of the Bronco, Ford captured the attention of every car fanatic the world over.

Coming Soon to a Dealer Near You: All-New Ford Bronco!

When Will the Wait End?
The Ford Bronco is expected to be released anytime between spring 2020 and 2021. Ford has not announced a date yet, but we're all anticipating its resurgence at the earliest.

What Will the Ford Bronco Look Like?
The Ford Bronco has been designed with the primary motive of being a car used for off-roading. The body will be strong and sturdy to withstand the toughest terrains and is rumored to be shaped like a boxy SUV truck. Think along the lines of the Jeep Wrangler or Toyota 4Runner.

Ford Bronco

There have also been talks of a smaller version of the Bronco – aptly called the Bronco sport. This model is expected to have a more square-ish body as compared to its bigger counterpart. Also, at present, there have been rumors of two variants – a one-door as well as two-door version.

Expected Features
According to speculations, the SUV will also be equipped with notable innovations, such as the strong rear and front axles. These axles are essential to maintain the strength and agility of the vehicle.

The robust suspension and Bridgestone Dueller A/T tires should come as a delight to all off-roading enthusiasts. It has also been rumored that the doors and production roof of the Bronco will be removable, allowing the car to convert to a door-less SUV in times of need.

The SUV could have an aluminum body. According to pictures, the newer Bronco's headlights will be kept similar to those of the old Bronco – expectedly to preserve the blast from the former essence of the car.

There have been no specific talks about the engine, but it has been speculated that Ford will make use of its strongest in-house engines to supply the model with the power it needs.

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Source: Ford