10 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light is On

    The orange, engine-shaped icon that flashes on the instrument panel is, in fact, your car’s ‘check engine’ feature. It signals the driver regarding any engine or operational issues.

    Find Out Why Your Check Engine Light is On

    Here Are 10 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light is On:

    1. The Gas Cap is Loose.

    The gas cap is essential as it prevents gasoline fumes from leaving the fuel tank, and also maintaining optimum system pressure.

    2. Oxygen Sensor Failure

    The oxygen sensor maintains track of the unburnt oxygen in the exhaust system. A damaged oxygen sensor will ignite more fuel than usual.

    3. Failure of the Catalytic Converter

    This component converts the carbon monoxide emitted during the combustion process into carbon dioxide. If not maintained immaculately, a replacement could cost you dearly.

    4. Dysfunctional Spark Plug Wires

    The spark plug wires transfer electricity from the coil to the spark plug to enable the functionality of the air cylinders. 

    5. Spark Plug and Ignition Coil Failure

    The spark plus and ignition coil are responsible for generating electricity to provide the air cylinders functioning correctly. If they are under duress, the car may shut down unexpectedly. 

    6. Mass Airflow Sensor Dysfunction

    The mass airflow sensor is responsible for checking how much air enters the engine. If this system fails, the car will experience much trouble adapting to changes in altitudes. 

    7. Dead Battery

    When your battery isn’t functioning effectively, your car may not even be capable of starting. The check engine light will flash in case of any issues with your battery.

    8. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve Failure

    The EGR valve lowers the nitrogen oxide emitted from the engine and help it run more smoothly. If it is clogged up, you will need replacing it as soon as possible.

    9. Vacuum Issues

    The vacuum system brings down any harmful emissions and operates the brake booster. It needs to be checked for damage and replaced to keep the car functioning well.

    10. Faulty Alarm

    When the car’s alarm system is uninstalled properly, it can drain the battery and render the vehicle incapable of starting up. If the alarm triggers your check engine light, it is choicest to get it re-fitted by a good mechanic in Huntington, NY. 

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