Signs Your Ford Needs New Brakes

If you own a Ford in Huntington, NY, you should know that worn-out or damaged brakes can take your car from being perfectly safe to positively dangerous over time. To keep yourself and passengers safe on the road, it's essential that you check how well your Ford’s brakes are performing. 

Since braking systems wear out differently depending on the place, the frequency, and your driving speed, you cannot afford to miss out on regular checks for your brakes.

To know when to change the brakes of your Ford in Woodbury, Elwood, and Melville, here are signs you should look for:

1. Noisy brakes

The first sign that indicates your Ford’s brakes are wearing out is when the metal shim produces a screeching or squeaking noise. Brake pads that have become too thin often trigger this high-pitched sound, which is easily audible in a quiet car with the windows up or when driving with the windows down. Always remember that it might be a fluke if you hear this noise just once. But don’t waste any time to replace your brake pads if it persists.

2. Vibrating Brake Pedal

If you are finding it difficult to stop your Ford using your current brake pedal and it vibrates as you press down, this could be a sign that the brake pads of your Ford have worn out. A pulsating brake pedal is definitely not a normal condition, and it’s important to have your Ford inspected right away to prevent any further damage or at worse, a potential road mishap.

3. Steering Problem

Problems with your Ford’s steering can root from a number of maintenance issues, one being malfunctioning brakes. As a matter of fact, one of the most common causes of steering problems is a jammed or frozen caliper creating tension on a single wheel. This problem may fix itself, but you should consider getting it checked to make sure your Ford’s brakes continue to work efficiently.

4. Grinding Sound
Lastly, you may also hear a deep grinding sound when trying to stop your Ford. This noise arises when your Ford’s brake pads are completely worn out, and the main metallic parts of the brake (the disc and caliper) make constant contact with each other. 

Visit Empire Ford Lincoln of Huntington in Huntington, NY and get a brake checkup and, if required, a brake pad replacement.