What is the Difference Between OEM Ford Parts and Aftermarket Parts?

If your Ford ever breaks down, you can either take it to a Ford dealer’s shop or an independent garage. The former will fix your vehicle using Ford OEM replacements, whereas the independent auto shop may not. They will use what we call ‘aftermarket parts’.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM Ford components are created by Ford to be used in the production of their vehicles. On the other hand, aftermarket parts being fitted into your Ford by a garage are not manufactured by Ford themselves. 

So, the main difference between these parts hinges on quality. OEM Ford parts are designed to replicate those already present in your Ford vehicle, while the aftermarket tools merely resemble them since they were never designed to match perfectly.

OEM Ford Parts
While OEM Ford parts will cost slightly higher than their unoriginal counterparts, the advantages of using OEM Ford parts quickly outweigh this cost factor. Since OEM Ford parts are made exclusively for Ford vehicles, they come in one just type, which makes it very easy to identify and choose. You do not have to sift through a huge number of aftermarket parts hoping the one you select is the best fit.
OEM Ford parts carry the quality guarantee that Ford stands for. You can use them without worrying about when you’ll be pulling into the repair shop next.

Ford dealerships offer great warranties, so you can rest assured that you are getting your money’s worth here. If you live around Woodbury, Elwood, or Melville, you can drive down to Huntington Ford Lincoln for quality OEM components for your vehicle.

Aftermarket Parts
Although aftermarket parts will save you money, they might turn out costly in the long run. This is because there is no guarantee of the quality you are offered. They might work well or more likely give up in a few weeks. It really is a gamble unless you know a reliable service you trust completely. 

Also, if you aren’t well-versed in auto mechanics, choosing between the different varieties of aftermarket parts will become quite daunting, leading you to bad choices.