Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Ford Oil Change
You need clean and fresh engine oil to ensure your vehicle's performance is highly optimized; it lubricates essential parts and preserves the functionality of the engine. But, you might see the oil breaking down and failing to perform its job over time. Once you see this happen, your car will show the following warning signs that call for an immediate oil change:

Engine oil, when clean, is slightly translucent and has an amber hue. It becomes dark and greasy over time because of various particles getting collected from the engine. It's hard to say when the oil turns dark and dirty. As such, you must proactively check your engine oil once a month. 

Engine oil is a protective shield between the various parts of the engine, prevents metal-to-metal friction, and eliminates unpleasant engine noise. If your oil isn't satisfying this purpose like it's supposed to, then engine noise becomes inevitable. In extreme cases, you may hear knocking effects that indicate that your engine is tearing up due to a lack of enough lubrication.

Getting the smell of engine oil inside the cabin could indicate a possible leakage. When the scent is mixed with the odor of gas or exhaust, then it could mean that your engine is overheating, and the engine oil is burning into the exhaust area.

Signs of excessive exhaust coming from the tailpipe can be a telltale sign of an oil problem. Usually, excess exhaust release from vehicles indicates that motor oil has become too dirty and old to work properly. It can also mean that there are underlying engine problems like cracked gaskets. So, make sure you get this checked as soon as possible. 

The process of changing the engine oil is simpler than you think. But you may want assistance to check for other issues in the engine. So, if you are unable to change the oil on your own, you get in touch with a car maintenance garage in Woodbury, Elwood, or Melvill, depending on where you're based.

 Source: Ford