Tips to Prepare your Ford for the Colder Months

Driving in colder months, especially in places where weather is mercilessly harsh, is a whole new game for drivers, no matter how seasoned they are. They have to take extra measures to ensure their car is running properly.

If you have a Ford in Huntington, NY, and wish to ensure that it runs as efficiently as it should be in winter, here are a few tips to follow:

1. Check your tires
The tires of your Ford are the parts that are subjected to maximum wear and tear. They bear the harshness of both scorching summers and biting winters. So, you should pay special attention to your Ford’s tires to ensure your safety. 

Experts recommend that you switch your tires when you see predictions of heavy snowfall or the temperature dropping. You should go for the winter-centric tires because they increase the grip and traction over snowy roads.

2. Replace your washer fluids and wipers
You may consider using the washer fluid you were using in the summer but don't. That's because you will need something that’s rated for winter so that it doesn’t freeze in the reservoir. 

Before even freezing temperatures set in, you should replace your Ford’s washer fluid, coolant, motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid to maintain your car’s drivetrain. 

You should also replace the windshield wipers of your Ford. Just like most other parts of your Ford, these have a lifespan too. You may see your wipers leaving streaks on the windshield. This is when you should consider replacing them.

3. Check your battery
It's common for car owners to find their vehicle not turning over when trying to start on a cold winter morning. This can happen to your Ford in Huntington, NY too. It can be extremely annoying, especially when you have n number of things lined up for the day. This happens because your Ford’s battery degrades in performance with enough use. 

The freezing conditions make it worse. That’s why you should check and, if required, replace your Ford’s battery, starter, alternator, and all other components before winter sets in.

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