How Will the New Ford MachE Compete with Tesla?

The Ford MachE was unveiled to the public late last year. As soon as the people got to see the vehicle for the first time, comparisons with Tesla’s Model Y had begun. Why? Because, both the Ford Mustang MachE and the Tesla Model Y are electric crossovers with crossover shape, starting price, release year and mile range in common.

The Mustang Name Adds History

Ford has made a well thought out decision by prefixing the Mustang name to an electric crossover model. The reason being, gas-powered cars will be phased out soon and the Mustang name carries significant equity. Ford wants to carry forward the Mustang name with its electric variants too. A Mustang being an EV, as well as a crossover, is unique. The automobile giant hopes to capitalize on this novelty.

Customers Can Depend on Ford for Quick and Efficient Service

Unlike Tesla, Ford is a much older brand name. Legacy automakers like Ford enjoy a more far-reaching dealer and service network. As of now, over 2,100 dealers have been roped in to sell and service the Ford MachE.

Tesla, on the other hand, has been struggling with providing customers with spare parts and adequate servicing in locations all over the world. Now, if you’d much rather buy a vehicle, the choice would be somewhat obvious when it comes to dealer and servicing availability, wouldn’t it? The Ford MachE is a clear winner when compared to Tesla here.

Other Reasons to Consider the Ford MachE

The Tesla vehicle may have some features where it scores over the Ford MachE, but the Ford MachE trumps the Tesla Model Y even when it comes to speed and the time it takes to clock between 0-60. 

The MachE has a slightly bigger display screen and offers better fuel efficiency too. If you want a looker for a car, you could still opt for a Tesla but if you want an all-round vehicle – the Ford MachE is a great choice.

Huntington Ford in Huntington, NY, makes available both variants. The dealership services the cities of Woodbury, Melvill and Elwood as well. If you happen to be considering buying a Ford MachE or a Tesla car, drop by to our dealership. We will be more than happy to assist you with the information you need to make your final pick.

Source: Ford Lincoln of Huntington