Top 5 Reasons Why The Ford Ranger is Worth Buying

Rejoice, truck lovers! After eight long years of a hiatus, Ford is returning to the US market with its competitive Ford Ranger. The mid-size pickup truck is a fantastic choice for your daily drive or some adventure on the beaten rugged road. The 2019 Ford Ranger is made to handle all tasks, but the question that remains to be answered is, "Is the 2019 Ford Ranger worth buying?"

We have compiled the top 5 reasons that make a compelling case in favor of the 2019 Ford Ranger:

#1: Equipped with impressive payload and towing capabilities

When it comes to payload and towing capabilities, the Ford Ranger does have the best numbers in comparison to other 4-engine cylinders. If the figures are to be believed, then this pickup truck can tow a maximum load of 7,500 pounds. Moreover, it has a max payload capacity of 1,860 pounds. Well, isn't that good news for hauling fishing boats for the weekend along with other camping equipment?

#2: Features an EcoBoost engine and fuel economy

Equipped with a 2.3 ltr EcoBoost inline 4 engine under the hood, this truck boasts 270 HP and 310 lb-ft torque. It also returns 21 miles per gallon (MPG) in the city, with 26 MPG on the highway. That's some blend of power and fuel economy. 

#3: Adventurous look

Ford knows how to make an entry. And the new look of the Ford Ranger speaks volumes about it. It is modern, adventurous, and sleek. Besides, the truck is available in Lightning Blue, White Platinum, and Hot Pepper Red. 

#4: Personalization with optional accessories

Keeping in mind the different needs that the buyer might have, Ford has made optional accessories available at the dealership itself. Also, they are offering outdoor adventure accessories in partnership with Yakima. You can now drive away with a Ranger customized to your unique needs. 

#5: Value for money

The base model of the Ford Ranger pickup truck starts at $24,000.

We are sure that these points would help you make a decision while trying to decide on your new pickup truck. If you are still asking yourself - 'Is the 2019 Ford Ranger worth buying? - head over to Huntington Ford today to know more about the features of the 2019 Ford Ranger.

Source: Huntington Ford Lincoln